What Is ElasticSearch (And What Can it Do For My Website?)

What are the uses of Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a fully-featured open source search engine and document store that is surrounded by a rich ecosystem of tools, clients and backed by a passionate community. And depending on what you use, relational databases like MySQL can can be used in conjunction with Elasticsearch to boost data analytics.

Data and Elasticsearch

You might wonder how it relates to data. However, you will need to understand that Elasticsearch is purposely used in sorting out large databases so that one can retrieve a specific document within the shortest time possible with the use of particular keywords. You should understand that Elasticsearch can be used in searching all types of document and can retrieve them in any format. One of the primary uses of elasticsearch is full-text searching where one can input all the texts and keywords associated with a particular document hence retrieving it as a whole. In case of any discrepancies of what you are searching, elasticsearch will offer alternatives such as “did you mean?” among others.


Another highlight about Elasticsearch is that it offers a wide range of information and documents that are available on the web. It is connected to Lucene, which is one of the greatest information retrieval library that has most of the documents that one may need. This means that you are likely to get everything that you are searching without spending much time as you could spend on other platforms trying to retrieve a document. You will also realize that elasticsearch records all the logs of the activities carried out in the search engine which will help individuals to get their data when they come back.


Finally, it is vital for any person to understand the usefulness of Elasticsearch as it provides the most powerful search engine that one might require when the search for various documents, and can be even used for visualization. You will find elasticsearch detecting, indexing, and even making data to be searchable hence helping an individual to get what they want without much struggle. For example, you will find that the search engine usually accounts for misspelled words and ensuring that they are phrased in the right way so that they can capture the exact document being searched. Elasticsearch has the tendency of completing incomplete searches in the search box based on previous searches.

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