2018 Trends in Web Design You Need to Know

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Updating your website to remain on trend will often increase your traffic and conversions. Some aspects of a website must remain constant such as to be user-friendly, adaptable to all devices, clean and clear, on brand, and overall appealing to the masses. However, try to incorporate a few trends each year to remain seen as a trendsetter rather than an industry follower.

Custom Illustrations

Any company that uses custom illustrations will increase the playfulness of their website. You might be a company with a serious cause or a serious service; however, custom illustrations are proving to be one way to make your business more relatable. This is essential to customer acquisition and customer retention. And, custom illustrations are easily adaptable to your brand, tone, and style.

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Mobile Forward

Your mobile website is officially more important than your desktop website. The tables have turned to catapult mobile shopping and overall web browsing as the primary source of web activity for the majority of users. And, this figure is expected to continue to grow for years into the future. Be sure your mobile site is easy to navigate, use icons over too much text or content, and keep your menus practical.

Particle Backgrounds

Particle backgrounds, also referred to as motion graphics, are an exceptional way to grab the attention of viewers and as a way to make a lasting impression. Any movement on the screen immediately attracts the eye. The use of these trending graphics on social media is proving to engage users to click on landing pages. And, these backgrounds only take a few seconds to load which will make your page more responsive and improve your bounce rate.

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Vibrant Colors

In the past, websites have focused on more neutral and less aggressive colors; however, 2018 is the year to celebrate and be bold with vibrant and dynamic colors. Now, you can more easily set your brand apart from your direct competition with a mind-blowing color scheme that will leave a lasting impression. Do not think twice about this approach as one of the primary reasons companies did not use vibrant colors in the past was due to screens being unable to portray the richness of such colors. However, the technology has arrived, so go forth and color your website with flare.

The rules for website design continue to evolve with trends and technology advances. Focus on your mobile website and incorporate a few trends for this year; however, do not forget to stay true to the basic foundations of website design in the process.

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